Apple Has a Great Tool to Help You Compare iPhone Models

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iPhone model comparison page

There are now lots of different Apple smartphones to choose from. That includes four iPhone 12 models with different specs. To help you decide which device you want, Apple has a fantastic tool that helps you directly compare up to three different models. Simply pick the ones you want to compare from the dropdown menus, and it puts all the different specs side-by-side, making it clear what the differences are. It includes everything from the first generation iPhone SE onwards.

"Hi, Speed" Aftermath – TMO Daily Observations 2020-10-13

· Kelly Guimont · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

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Andrew Orr and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to discuss today’s “Hi, Speed” Apple event, and Team Nightmare’s purchasing decisions.

Apple’s Chip VP Tim Millet Talks About Designing the A14

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Tim Millet, Apple’s VP of platform architecture, and Tom Boger, senior director of Mac and iPad product marketing, talk about designing the A14 used in the iPad Air and upcoming iPhone 12.

“One of the ways chip architects think about features is not necessarily directly mapping [transistors] to a user feature in the product so much as enabling the underlying technology, like software in the graphics stack to be able to leverage a new capability in the GPU,” Millet said. “That will inevitably come as a visual feature in a game, or in a snappy transition in the user interface.”

Here’s Why the iPhone 12 Could Have a Smaller Notch

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iPhone XS notch

Spotted by @AppleSWUpdates and enhanced by 9To5Mac, design assets were found on the iCloud website that shows a newer iPhone with a slightly smaller notch. It’s not much but it’s noticeable.

These, of course, might also be placeholders to hide the official icons until tomorrow’s event. But the icons are identified as “iPhone13, x” which confirms that they were uploaded to represent iPhone 12, since iPhone 11 is internally identified as “iPhone12, x.”

iPhone 12 Surprise: Not All 5G Created Equal

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

5G wireless and iPhone 12

As we may have already guessed, 5G wireless means whatever the carriers want it to mean. Clarification is in order.

AT&T Wants You to be Impressed by its ‘6G’ Claim

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AT&T logo

The 5G 2020 iPhone hasn’t even been launched yet, but AT&T wants you to think that 5G isn’t good enough and you should be looking forward to 6G. AT&T Communications CEO Jeff McElfresh doesn’t want you to forget about his company.

I do believe that you will see many of the iPhone subscribers move to upgrade to the device […] I think customers, based on the pressures of the economy that we’re all facing today, will make a calculated decision as to what they want to do. And we’re going to be there to offer them any device that Apple launches here shortly.

McElfresh added that AT&T already has engineers working on next-generation 6G networking, noting that it will take years before the technology fully materializes. No further details were shared about these efforts.

Why a company would be bragging about their nonexistent 6G network is beyond me, unless of course there’s money involved somewhere. It has to be about money, because not only does AT&T plan to give you a paltry $10 for an ad-subsidized plan, AT&T CEO John Stankey wants more taxpayer money, aside from the US$400 billion dollars the telecom industry already squandered.

Apple Just Made Selecting an iPad Really Hard

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iPad Air 4

Apple seems to enjoy doing this to us. That is, making the process of selecting an iPad really hard. A lower level product leapfrogs a pro product in some technical respects. Deciding which to buy then involves a very careful analysis and comparison of the specs. And user needs.