China iPhone 12 Shipments 12 Percent Down on iPhone X

Current iPhone shipments in China are 12 percent down on the iPhone X series, according to a research note from Goldman Sachs seen by AppleInsider. It casts some doubt on the idea that we are in the midst of a so-called ‘super-cycle’.

Analyst Rod Hall analyzes the latest China smartphone shipment data for the month of May, which was recently released by the state-run China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Total handset units during the period clocked in at 23 million units, down 32% year-over-year. Hall points out that this appears to be the lowest shipment numbers for China since at least May 2014. Hall also says that re-opening “seems to have pulled demand forward quite a bit out of April and May,” but that the impact appears to have been short-lived. He suggests that China’s re-opening story could be a blueprint for how other countries fare when they re-open.

MOFT O Combines an iPhone Grip With a Stand

MOFT’s latest product is really clever. It’s called the MOFT O and it’s an iPhone grip that can also function as a stand. It’s MagSafe compatible or seamlessly snaps on any phone via the reusable MOFT Snap Sticker – a patented silicone pad with magnetic-like functionality. The slim multi-disc design object folds into a sturdy three-dimensional phone stand that rotates 360° for 3 viewing angles and snaps off to act as a 90° kickstand for live streaming. It’s available to purchase for US$19.99.

Scosche 'MagicMount' Holder for MagSafe Now Available for iPhone 12

The MagicMount is an accessory from Scosche that acts as a holder for your iPhone 12 MagSafe charger. It lets you use your iPhone hands-free while you’re driving by mounting it onto the dashboard. The mount comes with a Scosche PowerVoltTM 20W USB-C Power Delivery Car adapter that provides power to enable a MagSafe Charger to charge an iPhone 12 at 15W. MagicMount MSC mounts are available in several options including: Window/Dash, Cup Holder, and a 4-in-1 kit that features: Swing-Arm Dash and vent, and Lock-Nut Vent and Dash. They start at US$29.99.