YouTube Updates iOS App to Support HDR Video on iPhone 12 Range

The YouTube iOS app now supports HDR video on the iPhone 12 range. As iMore noted, the video-sharing platform has supported such video for a while but needs to update the app every time a new device is released.

While YouTube has offered HDR support for iPhones since the arrival of iPhone X, the app does require an update every time a new device is released. That’s less than ideal but, thankfully, YouTube seems to be pretty on the ball and gets the updates out relatively quickly. It did take a few weeks last year, though. The newly updated YouTube is available as a free download from the App Store right now. Not that you’d know what to expect from the release notes! ‘Fixed bugs, improved performance, explored the edges of the known universe.’

Photographer Austin Mann Reviews iPhone 12 Pro Max

After reviewing the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro, Austin Mann has returned to publish his iPhone 12 Pro Max review to see if the larger camera sensor makes a difference. At the end he shares a few tips for iPhone photographers and the tools he uses.

One of the most famous hikes in America is The Narrows in Zion National Park. This beautiful trek requires hikers to wade miles upstream in a river through the narrowest sections of the Zion Canyon (just 10 feet wide at the narrowest).

The lighting and shooting conditions are extreme and diverse, so below I’ll share a few photos demonstrating why I think iPhone 12 Pro Max is the ideal tool to capture this adventure (whether you’re a pro or not).

CASETiFY Releases iPhone 12 mini Cases, Pro Max Cases

Hot on the heels of Apple’s launch of iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, CASETiFY has released cases for both models. They come in various configurations like leather, clear, prints, and custom cases to showcase your logo. They’re eco-friendly with some collections made from 50% recycled PC materials, and vegan leather for other cases. With the company’s DEFENSiFY coating, these cases are anti-microbial, preventing 99% of bacteria from occupying your iPhone’s surfaces.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo Starts Looking Ahead to iPhone 13

The entire iPhone 12 range is not yet available, with the final set of pre-orders opening Friday. However, thoughts are already turning to the next generation of devices. According to a note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, seen by MacRumors, there will be four models of the next set of devices in the same sizes as this year’s.

Specifically, Kuo says the Ultra Wide cameras on the two high-end models will be significantly upgraded to f/1.8, 6P (six-element lens) with autofocus. All the current ‌iPhone 12‌ models are equipped with f/2.4, 5P (five-element lens) Ultra Wide cameras with fixed focus. Looking further ahead, Kuo says he also expects all the new 2022 iPhones (tentatively called the ‌iPhone‌ 14 series) to be equipped with the same improved Ultra Wide camera with f/1.8, 6P and autofocus. Kuo states that Largan is likely to become the major supplier of voice coil motors (VCM) for the improved Ultra Wide cameras. It is expected that Largan will obtain about 70% of the VCM orders for the ‌iPhone 13‌ under the advantages of vertical integration of lens production and VCM, versus 50% of the ‌iPhone 12‌ series’ Ultra Wide angle lens.

Arc Pulse is a Minimalist Titanium Bumper for iPhone 12

I have one more piece of iPhone 12 phone case news for today. I was alerted to the Arc Pulse on Indiegogo. It tries to strike a balance between protecting your phone and enjoying its naked beauty. It’s not a case but a couple of metal attachments that slide over the top and bottom, protecting it from drops. There is an aluminum 7075 version and a titanium grade 5 version.

These iPhone 12 Cases Include Real Wood and Stone

Handcrafted in South Wales, iPhone 12 cases from Cover-Up include materials like real wood, real stone, and even sea shells. Combining modern and traditional craftsmanship, each piece of wood is laser cut, before being hand-sanded to create a super smooth exterior. Coated with a specially selected finish made from a blend of vegetable oils and waxes, the raw wood is given a subtle natural shine that allows it to age beautifully over time, with added protection from water and everyday dirt.