MagSafe Fast Charging Won’t Damage Your iPhone 12 Battery

With the right charging brick, Apple’s MagSafe charging pad can quickly charge your iPhone 12 at an estimated 50% battery in 30 minutes. Although it was written last year, Clifford Colby’s article is a helpful investigation into fast charging. The short answer is that fast charging won’t damage your iPhone’s battery.

Damage is rare if everything’s well-managed inside. A battery’s management system closely monitors the two charge phases and drops the charging speed during the second phase to give the battery time to absorb the charge and avoid issues, which is why it can take 10 minutes to get those last few percentage points.

iPhone 12 Fares Better in Drop Test Than iPhone 12 Pro

Allstate made a video in which it subjected the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to drop tests. Through face down, back down, and side down drops, the iPhone 12 fares better than the iPhone 12 Pro, and this is likely to do with the 12 Pro’s heavier weight. iPhone 12 = 164 grams, iPhone 12 Pro = 189 grams. Allstate says in its email that “the Ceramic Shield front cover is certainly more durable, but is not damage-proof.” Of course no smartphone display is damage proof and Apple never claimed as such. Instead, Apple said the Ceramic Shield is tougher than older iPhone displays, and that’s the point Allstate proved.