Edit HDR Videos in iMovie With the 2.3 Update

With the version 2.3 update it’s now possible to edit HDR videos in iMovie, just in time for iPhone 12 models that support shooting video in Dolby Vision. Other new changes include: Customize any title by selecting from dozens of built-in fonts; Adjust the color of any title by selecting from a grid or spectrum of presets, adjusting numerical sliders, or using the eyedropper in the viewer; Quickly change a title’s default style, capitalization and duration; Pinch and drag to adjust the size and location of any title; Choose from three new animated titles: Slide, Split and dual-color Chromatic; Add solid, gradient, and patterned backgrounds to your movie; Use the color picker to customize the colors of any background; Drag the slider to change the intensity of any filter applied to your photos and videos; Import and share 4K videos at 60 frames per second; View, edit, and share High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos from your Photos library.

Is Apple’s iPhone 12 Decision Really Better for the Environment?

Imad Khan writes how switching to a USB-C port would be more environmental than Apple’s decision not to include a charger in the box.

And let’s not forget that Apple will still need to ship tiny Type-C power adapters across the world to accommodate the new cable included with the iPhone 12. While these new adapters will have a long shelf life, it will cut back on the emissions savings that Apple so proudly publicizes.

This is the part I agree with. What are the environmental logistics of shipping multiple lighter packages versus one heavier one?

Wrap your new iPhone 12 in Raptic Shield Case [Sponsor]

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How Apple Added LiDAR to iPhone 12 models

Timothy B. Lee wrote a fascinating write-up of the iPhone 12 LiDAR sensor for Ars Technica. It’s a technology that used to be US$75,000.

Two of the companies working on high-end VCSEL-based lidar—Ouster and Ibeo—have already gotten more traction than most companies in the crowded lidar business. Apple’s decision to adopt the technology—and the possibility that other smartphone vendors could follow Apple’s lead—will provide them with a nice tailwind in the coming years.

A great explainer, and I wrote about the other iPhone 12 camera features here.