Scosche ‘MagicGrip’ Smartphone Mount Available to Purchase

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

First introduced at CES 2019, the MagicGrip smartphone mount is a wireless charging mount for your vehicle or home. It can sense when a Qi-enabled phone is aligned with its charging coil and automatically closes its arms to hold your phone. It rotates 360° to view your screen at any angle. “Wireless charging is now fast as well as convenient. MagicGrip delivers up to 10W of charging power and supports Apple® (7.5W), Samsung® (9W), and Google® (10W) Fast Charge. It automatically adapts to deliver the fastest charge your phone can safely accept.” There are four mounting options, with the dash mount available for US$69.95.

Scosche ‘MagicGrip’ Smartphone Mount Available to Purchase

Bendy Suction Phone Mount: $23.99

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Tenikle 2.0 Smartphone Moount

We have a deal on a very interesting smartphone mount. It’s bendy and it has suction pads on it, which makes its name appropriate: Tenikle 2.0.  It’s essentially modeled after a three-tentacled octopus with suction pads on each of those limbs. You can then wrap one or two of the limbs around whatever you need—or use them as feet—and use the suction pads on the third limb to hold your iPhone (or Android device). And you can roll it into a ball for storage and portability. Tenikle 2.0 is $23.99 through our deal.