Apple EU Tax Case Appeal Ruling Due Next Week

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European Union flag

The result of Apple and Ireland’s appeal against an EU tax ruling is expected next week but is likely to be appealed further.

IRS Sues Facebook for $9 Billion Over Offshore Profits

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The IRS is suing Facebook for US$9 billion, saying the company kept profits in subsidiaries based in Ireland.

The IRS argues that Facebook understated the value of the intellectual property it sold to an Irish subsidiary in 2010 while building out global operations, a move common among U.S. multinationals…Under the arrangement, Facebook’s subsidiaries pay royalties to the U.S.-based parent for access to its trademark, users and platform technologies. From 2010 to 2016, Facebook Ireland paid Facebook U.S. more than $14 billion in royalties and cost-sharing payments, according to the court filing.

If the IRS succeeds this would be one of Facebook’s biggest fines.

Ireland Hinders the World on Data Privacy

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Despite the introduction of GDPR last year, Ireland has yet to enforce those rules against Silicon Valley tech companies.

Apple Pay Comes to Ireland, Launching in Italy Soon

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Ireland gets Apple Pay

Apple Pay officially launched in Ireland on Tuesday, and the contactless payment system is heading to Italy soon, too. Currently, Apple Pay is available for Ireland’s boon, Ulster Bank and KBC customers.

Ireland to Formally Appeal EU Ruling on Apple Taxes, As Expected

· Bryan Chaffin · Analysis

EU wants €13 billion for back Apple taxes

The Irish government said Tuesday that it will formally filed an appeal against the European Commission’s judgement that Apple owes billions of dollars in back taxes. The move was expected, and the filing later this week will simply be one step of many in the ongoing fight over Ireland’s treatment of multinational corporations.

EU Says Apple Owes €13B in Back Taxes, and the Fight is On

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EU wants €13 billion for back Apple taxes

The European Union says Apple owes €13 billion (about US$14.5 billion) in back taxes because Ireland gave the iPhone and Mac maker illegal and unfair tax advantages. Apple and Ireland have both condemned the ruling maintaining they acted within the country’s laws, and are planning to appeal the ruling.

Apple Might Destroy the EU

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Could Apple Destroy the EU?

It looks like the European Commission (EC) will rule against Apple and Ireland’s tax arrangement. If the European Union (EU) bullies Ireland (via the EC or other proxy) and basically rules that Ireland doesn’t have the sovereign right to set its own tax rates, there is some chance it could be a wedge issue that pushes Ireland to decide to leave the European Union.