Jim Dalrymple's Tour of Apple's HomePod Audio Lab: Materials, Custom Rooms, and More

Jim Dalrymple was given a tour of Apple’s audio lab—the kind of access Apple rarely gives anyone—and put together a fantastic piece at The Loop. This was done as part of Apple’s HomePod release blitz, and Mr. Dalrymple described the custom anechoic chamber built to test the HomePod, development time (6 years), and the fact that it was started as a speaker project, not a Siri product. He also talked about how nothing in HomePod is off the shelf, saying: “I had a look at a HomePod that was taken apart and put on a table. Every aspect of the device was designed by Apple, specifically for the HomePod. Even the fabric mesh that covers HomePod was designed by the acoustic team in collaboration with other Apple teams to make sure it was acoustically transparent, but still met all of Apple’s other standards.” It’s a very interesting read. Check it out!