Build Your Own Touch Screen Computer with Kano's Computer Kit Touch

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Kano just released a new version of its Raspberry Pi-based portable computer kit with a touch screen. It’s a kit that has everything to build your own portable computer with a touch screen display with easy to understand instructions that also teach you about how computers work. It takes less than minutes to build the kit and the included micro SD card has the operating system and several educational apps pre-installed. You can learn about coding, using the command line, and more. It’s a great way to learn more about computers and coding. You can get the Kano Computer Kit Touch at the Kano website for US$279.99.

Build Your Own Touch Screen Computer with Kano’s Computer Kit Touch

Build Your Own Magic Wand with the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

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I’m a big fan of Kano’s coding kits like Pixel programmable light board and the Computer Kit Complete, so of course their new Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit looks pretty awesome to me. You get to build your own magic wand that interacts with the apps you make on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Kano’s coding tools are easy to learn, too. You can order your kit now for US$99.99 and deliveries will start on October 1st. Did I mention you get to build your own magic wand?