TMO's Top 5 Picks from CES 2018

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CES 2018 top picks

CES 2018 brought loads of interesting products to Las Vegas for us to check out. These are our top picks from everything we got to look at.

CES - Kuri is the Cutest Smart Home Robot Around

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LAS VEGAS – Kuri is an amazingly sophisticated and cute smart home robot that’s ready to roll into your house. Mayfield Robotics shows off their cool personal robot to Jeff Gamet at CES 2018.

This Adorable Home Robot Totally Won't Murder Your Entire Family

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Our homes have voice-controlled assistants like the Amazon Echo, self-navigating devices like the Roomba, and networked monitoring devices like the Nest Cam. Why not combine all of this tech into an adorable home robot companion? Mayfield Robotics has announced Kuri, the home robot that will navigate around your house, respond with voice and body language, answer your questions, manage your home via IFTTT support, and monitor your children or pets with a built-in 1080p camera. Kuri isn’t the first home robot design, but at just $699, it’s the first to be priced within the reach of many consumers. What could possibly go wrong?

This Adorable Home Robot Totally Won’t Murder Your Entire Family