That Apple iPhone 11 Document is Probably Fake

· Andrew Orr · Link

Apple Logo

A document that Twitter account AppleBeta2019 claims is an internal Apple document provides iPhone 11 data like new names, build numbers, and launch dates. Inconsistent information within the document suggests that it’s fake, but we’ll share the link in the interest of our readers.

It seems very unlikely that anyone creating such a document would be aware of marketing names and include said branding in the document, whose only purpose is to mention the software rollout plans. Moreover, files intended for the eyes of retail stores often include watermarking and fingerprinting techniques to help Apple detect leaks. This PDF seemingly lacks any such identifying markers.

iOS iBoot Code Leaked, Huge Security Headache for Apple

· Jeff Gamet · News

iPhone with code on screen

Part of the iOS boot code, called iBoot, was posted on GitHub yesterday for anyone to view—and without Apple’s permission. It’s the biggest leak Apple has ever faced.