Lovepop Has Star Wars Pop Up Greeting Cards, and They're Way Cool

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Are you familiar with Lovepop? They make these amazing greeting cards with pop-up designs in the middle. Trees, bridges, hearts, flowers…there’s some amazing design and engineering going on. I’ve sent a few (with wax seals, because [Bryan]), and they get oohs and ahhs from the people I’ve sent them to. They’re just that good. Anyhoo, the company announced a new line of Star Wars designs on Friday, and they are also way cool. Chewy, an X-Wing fighter, a Stormtrooper, the Millennium Falcon, and Darth Vader and Obi Wan’s showdown. They’re super awesome, but you’re going to pay for that super awesome at $15 a Lovepop (see what I did there?). There’s a discount for buying several cards at once. Click through to the individual cards, and you can see images from different angles to give you an idea of just how amazing they are.

Lovepop Has Star Wars Pop Up Greeting Cards, and They’re Way Cool