AdGuard for Mac Supports M1, macOS Monterey, adds DNS Filtering

AdGuard for Mac has a new update, and it brings DNS filtering, support for Apple Silicon, and compatibility with macOS Monterey. “From now you needn’t rely on a DNS server provided by your ISP by default, you have the luxury of making choices — cherry-pick DNS servers from known DNS providers or even add custom DNS servers. You can also add domains to DNS blocklist or allowlist and add complicated rules using DNS rules syntax.”

'Total War: ROME REMASTERED' Now Available for M1 Macs

On Thursday, Feral Interactive announced that Total War: ROME REMASTERED is now available on the Mac App Store, complete with native support for Apple silicon. A rebirth of the genre-defining strategy game, ROME REMASTERED comes with an extensive graphical overhaul and improvements to almost every aspect of gameplay. High definition models, textures and visual effects bring the game world to life on modern displays, with 4K optimization, ultra-widescreen and UHD resolution setting the stage for empires to rise again. Also included are two expansion packs which have been given the same remastering treatment as the main game. Recreate history’s most ambitious military campaign in Alexander, or re-write history as marauders encroach on the gates of Rome in Barbarian Invasion.

'Before Your Eyes' From GoodByeWorld Games Comes to Mac

In Before Your Eyes, players embark upon a thought-provoking journey with the Ferryman who is tasked with shepherding souls to the afterlife. They move through time by using real-world blinking to interact and progress through the story. Before Your Eyes’ unique blink interaction mechanic offers a novel way for players to control the story and become more immersed, as their progress is determined through their eyes and detected through the player’s webcam. Purchase Before Your Eyes on Steam as part of a deluxe content bundle including the game, its complete soundtrack in MP3 and lossless formats and an artbook with concept art, character designs and insight from the team for US$13.49. The deluxe content is also available separate from the game for US$7.99.

macOS Finder Bug Lets Certain Files Run Arbitrary Commands

Researcher Park Minchan reported a bug within macOS Finder that lets certain files execute commands. It affects all versions of macOS up to Big Sur.

A vulnerability in the way macOS processes inetloc files causes it to run commands embedded inside, the commands it runs can be local to the macOS allowing the execution of arbitrary commands by the user without any warning / prompts.

Originally, inetloc files are shortcuts to an Internet location, such as an RSS feed or a telnet location; and contain the server address and possibly a username and password for SSH and telnet connections; can be created by typing a URL in a text editor and dragging the text to the Desktop.

'OSX.ZuRu' Malware Spreads From Trojanized Apps via Sponsored Search Results

The latest Mac malware to be discovered is called OSX.ZuRu. It spreads via infected apps from sponsored search results.

The legitimate and the malicious iTerm2 application bundles contain a massive number of files, including several Mach-O binaries. Moreover, the malicious version appears largely benign (as is the case with most applications that have been surreptitiously trojanized). As such, it takes us a minute to uncover the malicious component.

Update to 'Sensei' Brings a Monitoring Tool to Check Your Mac's Performance

Sensei Monitor is a new feature in Sensei that allows you to monitor your Mac performance in realtime, right from the menu bar. Create and customize panels and status bar items with different widgets to create the ultimate Mac menu bar system monitor, tailored just for you. Sensei Monitor has been in development for over a year, and features an advanced statistics engine as well as a design that fits in perfectly with modern versions of macOS. Developed using cutting-edge technology such as SwiftUI, it features an intuitive editor where the user can customize their monitoring using drag and drop. Here are the Mac features you can monitor: CPU,  CPU Cores, GPU, RAM, Storage, Network, Temperature Sensors, Fan Speeds, Battery, Process Usage (CPU / RAM / Energy).