Informal Test Shows New MacBook Pro is Quieter

One of the features Apple is pushing for its new Touch Bar MacBook Pro is a quieter keyboard. Less clackity-clack will no doubt make a lot of people happy, but is it really quieter? TechCrunch did their own informal test with a previous generation keyboard and the new model. They recorded the results, and there is a difference between the two, but it may not be as dramatic as some were hoping for. Still, it’s quieter, and that’s something.

Ten One Design Intros Light-up Stella MacBook Charger Cord

Ten One Designs introduced its Stella replacement power cord for MacBook and MacBook Pro chargers on Tuesday. The cord is wrapped in braided fabric, and the plug-end lights up when it’s near a power outlet. It also has a built-in clip so you can wrap the cord around your charger brick. The cable is white and you can choose between aqua and blue for the plug head. The design makes it easy to see outlets in the dark and lets you know if they have power, too. Stella is priced at US$34.95 and it ships in July.