A 1988 Video about the Future of Music Recording and the Mac

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Check out this 1988 Apple promo video for the Mac, another great find from Dave Mark at The Loop. It features avant garde darling Laurie Anderson, keyboard maestro Herbie Hancock, jazz legend Chick Corea, guitar virtuoso Carlos Santana…you get the idea. And all of them have discovered the magic of MIDI and Macintosh. It’s a very interesting snapshot in time in terms of music, fashion, and technology. For bonus points, check out the YouTube comments for some glimpses into specific software and whatnot spotted by folks over the years.

35 Years Ago Today Steve Jobs Launched Macintosh

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The Macintosh turns 35 today. Steven Jobs unveiled the product on January 24, 1984 during Apple’s annual shareholders meeting.

The original Macintosh was priced at $2,495 in the United States, equivalent to just over $6,000 today, and was a big deal because of its graphical user interface rather than command-line interface. Tech specs included an 8 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, 128 KB of RAM, and a 400 KB floppy disk drive.

How Far Does 20MHz of Macintosh IIsi Power go Today?

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Inspired by a coworker, ArsTechnica’s Chris Wilkinson used a Macintosh IIsi as his main computing system. The computer has 20MHz of processing power, and it’s interesting to find out how far that will take you in today’s computer world. Mr. Wilkinson had to tinker with it first, as it didn’t even turn on when he first found it. After installing a new battery (something you can’t do with modern Macs) it finally powered on. The result?

After just a couple of CPU cycles, you land on a blank page to begin your masterpiece. Typing on Apple’s renowned Extended Keyboard II also certainly helped.

How Far Does 20MHz of Macintosh IIsi Power go Today?

The Story Behind Susan Kare's Icon Designs

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Susan Kare’s icon designs for the original Macintosh were revolutionary at the time, and made the computer seem friendly. This month Ms. Kare was awarded the AIGA medal, for her “bold and intelligent design of icons for the early Macintosh computers that defined the Apple user experience and set the industry standard with memorable wit and humanity.” A lot of her designs are now displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, and show her passion for finding a balance between simplicity and abstraction. Last month in May 2018, Ms. Kare presented a talk of her work as well.

The Story Behind Susan Kare’s Icon Designs

Unboxing Photos of a Pristine Original 1984 Macintosh

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Oh, wow. This is so cool! I’m talking about photographs of an original Macintosh unboxing event. It wasn’t a “new in box” Mac, or anything, but it was an immaculately cared for device, including the 34 year old box! The owner recently sold the Mac to Imgur user edifyyo, who then documented his initial unboxing. How cool, right? He posted the pics in two batches, the first focusing on the box and unpacking the device. Part 2 included closeups of the Mac itself. As I mentioned up top, it was immaculately cared for, and even includes the original “ELECTRICALLY SAFETY CHECKED” sticker, which I can’t recall having seen before. Check it out! Thanks to Jim Tanous for the heads up.

Unboxing Photos of a Pristine Original 1984 Macintosh

Cute Lego Mac Is Ready For You To Build

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A tiny Lego Mac called Byte Edition v3.0 is being sold online by PowerPig. It features a mouse, keyboard, and the iconic “hello” screen display. You can even open it up to reveal interior details like a detailed logic board, drive assembly, and analog board. The dimensions are (Computer): 3.62″ tall x 3.15″ wide x 2.83″ deep (92 mm x 80 mm x 72 mm). For being a small toy, there is a whopping 322 parts in total. You might need to grab a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass before you build it. Go to the PowerPig website and preorder it for US$78.50. It’s expected to start shipping on July 27 and you can only have one shipment per order.

Cute Lego Mac Is Ready For You To Build

Apple Pay Rival Systems Will be Costly Failures

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Apple Pay AMEX

It seems that too many corporations and banks want to create rival alternatives to Apple Pay. They have their own agenda for inserting themselves into the payment process, but always seem to forget that putting themselves ahead of the customer with half-baked, potentially problematic systems is never the right thing to do. Most will have to learn the hard way.

Apple's Mac Problem Could Soon be a Mac Crisis

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iMac and MacBook Pro

Apple is long overdue for a refresh of its Macintosh line. The last Mac mini update was October 2014. The 2013 Mac Pro has never been updated. The last MacBook Pro (15-inch) was updated in May of 2015. The company still sells a 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro with a SuperDrive. Only the iMac and MacBook lines are less than a year old. The Verge lays it all out and questions why Apple isn’t keeping most of its Macs more current. Yet there are glimmers of hope. It’s all on page 2 of Friday’s Particle Debris.

Eventually, AI Agents Will Put Even Authors Out of Work

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AI Agent

Computers play better chess than humans. They can be instructed on how to do detailed manufacturing, beyond the abilities of humans. They shrewdly buy and sell stock. They can read medical literature and aid in the treatment of disease.  It won’t be long before even the last bastion of the human mind, creative writing, will be replaced by AI agents. John looks at the trend line.

A Deeper Look at Apple's 'Macintosh Problem'

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Concept of Macintosh, MacBook Pro with OLED strip

Apple’s overall Macintosh sales are in decline, for how long we don’t know. The MacBook Pro is long over due for a refresh. Apple’s Mac Pro has languished. The Mac mini, last updated in 2014, was less than intoxicating. What’s happening? John takes a look.