The Developers Union Forms to Give Indie Developers a Voice to Apple

· Bryan Chaffin · News

Early members of the Developers Union

The group says it will start by asking Apple for developer-friendly changes to the App Store. Its goal is 20,000 members by early June (i.e. WWDC), and has 182 members so far (16 of whom joined while I was working on this article).

macOS: How to See Where a Download Came From

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

So you’ve downloaded files to your Mac. What’s an easy way to see where they came from if you forget? Or how can you tell where your dad got that pirated copy of Microsoft Office? In today’s Quick Tip, we’ll tell you how to see that info…and maybe help you call out your dad’s terrible computing habits.

Photos People: How to Add a Face Photos Doesn't Recognize

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

If Photos won’t recognize a face within a picture of yours—either because the subject is making a funny expression or because she’s turned away from the camera—we’ve got the solution for you in today’s Quick Tip! We’ll tell you how to manually add an image to the appropriate “Faces” category.

How to Stop Your Mac from Showing Up on a Network

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Reaching for Apple Security

If you don’t want your Mac to advertise its existence on any network you join, then there’s a simple option you’ll turn off to prevent that. Depending on your settings, this could stop unauthorized guests from connecting to your computer—or it could just keep people from seeing what silly name you’ve given your Mac. Both outcomes are good!

How to Batch Convert Images with Preview

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Got a bunch of JPEGs you need to convert to PNGs? Preview can do them all in one batch! In today’s Quick Tip, we’ll tell you how to change your preferences to make this possible.

Check Your Mac for 32-bit Apps with 32-bitCheck

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

It’s no secret that Apple is phasing 32-bit app support in macOS, so it’s better to find out which apps you rely on that still need updating. Your Mac can give you that information, but 32-bitCheck makes the process even easier. The app checks the apps in the folder you specify, plus you can tell it to check all bundles and Mach-O, too. Checking my Applications folder shows Adobe CS6 apps and FileMaker Pro 11 are 32-bit, so they’ll stop working whenever Apple makes the move to 64-bit only with macOS. 32-bitCheck is a free download at the Eclectic Light website.

Check Your Mac for 32-bit Apps with 32-bitCheck

Is It Time to Replace Your AirPort Router? – Mac Geek Gab 707

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Mac Geek Gab Logo

APFS support in third-party apps continues to grow, there’s now an app to search for 32-bit apps, secondary iCloud IDs might work well for you, and Apple’s official acknowledgement of the end of the AirPort router line brings up one of our favorite topics again: what Wi-Fi solution is best for your home? John and Dave talk through all of this, all for you. Just like Sister Hazel sang. Or something like that. Just press play and enjoy!