Some Instragram Meme Accounts Want to Unionize

Left-wing memes are often very popular on Instagram. They have even made some of the people who share them quite well-off. Now some of those creators want to form a union, according to Vox.

The union, the first major organizing effort for professional meme creators on Instagram, is made up of that latter group, and now has thousands of followers on its official account and an open application process for new members. As Taylor Lorenz notes in the Atlantic, it will probably never be recognized by the National Labor Relations Board, the federal agency that governs unions, but the organizing drive is still very real: Not only does it use traditional union organizing tactics, but the memers have concrete demands they want Instagram to agree to. And with growing membership, they’ll likely have a bit of leverage.

Yanny or Laurel? How About Either with this Online Tool

Not to be left out of the mem fun, the New York Times made a tool that lets you hear Yanny or Laurel. Just slide to the right to hear “Yanny,” and to the left for “Laurel.” It’s interesting to hear how the sound changes as you cut out the higher or lower frequencies. The “Yanny” in the NYT tool sounds more like “Hugh-We” to me. Regardless, it sounds less and less like “Laurel” as you slide farther to the right.