Swiper, More Swiping! – Mac Geek Gab 770

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Swiper from Dora with caption Swiper, More Swiping! – Mac Geek Gab 770

Your questions answered, including migrating photos, syncing movies, moving to a new Mac, which earbuds to get, smart bulbs, and much more. Plus, there’s never a lack of things to swipe. And on your iPhone and Mac, that’s a good thing. Come learn five new things with John and Dave!

macOS: How to Resolve Permissions Problems after a Mac Migration

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

If your new computer isn’t working correctly after you migrate your data—especially if you’re getting weird permissions issues or the “macOS needs to repair your Library” error—then come check out today’s Quick Tip! We’ve got all kinds of resources and tricks for you.