Science Journal Admits Those Bone Horns Were Wrong

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Remember the study claiming smartphone usage caused bone horns to grow on millennials? The publisher now admits the conclusion was false. But other scientists say their correction is still false.

While the correction attempts to clarify the record on smartphones, it does not do anything to address the fact that the study’s main finding — that poor posture and age are connected to neck bone spurs — still isn’t supported by the underlying data…

“I actually think Nature should remove the original article as the correction has not proved their point,” said Sara Becker, a bioarchaeologist at the University of California Riverside.

How This New York Times Reporter Uses Apple Notes for Her Job

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Isabella Kwai has “disturbingly agile millennial thumbs” because she prefers to use Apple Notes instead of pen and paper. Ms. Kwai is a New York Times reporter and writes about her technology.

I still keep a notebook on hand that I’ll occasionally use. But to be honest, I have atrocious handwriting, and deciphering it is arduous. Instead, I use the Notes app. I find it easier to write up thoughts and notes that way — though once, it did freak out a source, who asked me how I was able to type and look her in the eye. (Disturbingly agile millennial thumbs is how.)

I love reading about the tech other people use in their work and personal lives. I’m a big user of Apple Notes with close to 1,000 notes, although my thumbs aren’t very agile.

Millennials Should Kill The Medical Industrial Complex

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Big Pharma isn’t satisfied with old-fashioned television ads. Now they’re partnering with Instagram influencers.

In a pink tutu against a pink backdrop, Erin Ziering, wife of former 90210 star Ian Ziering, advertises Allergan breast implants and Botox side by side in a December 2018 post — the same month the company pulled its textured implants from European markets in response to a notice from the Food and Drug Administration that individuals with breast implants are at risk of developing breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Let’s put the “medical industrial complex” on the list of things millennials should kill. Maybe then we wouldn’t have Goldman Sachs asking whether curing patients is sustainable.

Hero Traveler is a new Social Platform for Millennial Travelers

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Hero Group, a New York based advertising and new media agency that specializes in Millennials, led by Joseph Anthony, one of the nation’s foremost experts on Gen Y and Gen Z, today announces the launch of Hero Traveler, the first travel-focused social media platform and app dedicated to informing and empowering the next generation of Millennial Traveler. The first of its kind platform allows travelers to easily create, publish, share, authenticate and ultimately book travel experiences curated by their peers. Hero Traveler leverages the power of user generated travel stories combined with content curated by a global network of pre-vetted travel influencers and creators. Share your best travel adventures, tips and memories with the world, in the form of beautifully composed travel stories and guides, comprised of your best writing, photography and videos. Help fellow travelers by providing them with ideas and insights into how to make their travel experiences unforgettable. App Store: Free

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Hero Traveler is a new Social Platform for Millennial Travelers