Mophie Releases Two 15W Wireless Chargers

On Tuesday mophie announced the release of two 15W wireless chargers, including a pad and a stand. Each one is available on today and will come to other retailers in the future. The wireless charging pad is US$49.95 and the wireless charging stand is US$59.95. Charlie Quong, vice president of product, power at ZAGG Brands:

Wireless charging adoption has picked up quickly in the last few years. It makes the process of topping off your smartphone battery throughout the day, like in your home or office, completely uncomplicated. mophie wireless charging accessories are designed to simplify power, particularly for those who dislike carrying numerous charging cables and adapters for different mobile devices.

New Mophie Fast-Charge Battery Packs Available at Apple

mophie recently announced three new fast-charge battery packs available at and certain Apple retail stores. They are: powerstation, powerstation plus, and powerstation plus XL. They all feature 18W fast charge, Lighting input, and the ability to charge multiple Apple devices at the same time.

Suggested retail prices are as follows: powerstation US$59.95; powerstation plus US$79.95; powerstation plus XL US$99.95.

Mophie Launches iPhone 11 Battery Case

mophie launched an iPhone 11 battery case. The juice pack access case keeps your Lightning port free and your iPhone powered past sunset.

The juice pack access for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro comes equipped with a 2,000mAh integrated battery, while the juice pack access for the iPhone 11 Pro Max includes a 2,200mAh integrated battery. Each case employs Qi wireless charging technology to pass power to the iPhone while leaving the Lightning port available for simultaneous EarPods use during charging.

You can pick one up for US$99.95.