Netflix gets New Interface with Sidebar

If you think finding what you want to watch on Netflix is a little cumbersome, you aren’t alone. Netflix gets it, too, so they’re redesigning the user interface across devices. Soon you’ll have a sidebar that breaks out TV shows and movies, saves you from scrolling through genres just to get to your own viewing list, and more. They say the new interface is simpler and more intuitive. It’s rolling out now, so you should get it soon on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Apple Interface Consistency, Storage Permutations, Walmart Streaming Video - ACM 471

In this age of different devices and platforms, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet talk about the lack of consistency in Apple’s interfaces compared to the days when “Apple” meant “Mac.” They also go over some listener feedback (read criticism) about their rant last week on Apple’s storage pricing for new MacBook Pro models. Lastly, they discuss whether not Walmart can make a go in the streaming video market, and how that might actually work.

Check Out Matt Groening's New Series: Disenchantment

Matt Goening gave us The Simpsons, then Futurama, and now Disenchantment. His new animated series is coming to Netflix on August 17th and it takes us back in time to a medieval fantasy world Netflix describes as “the misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, her feisty elf companion and her personal demon.” Good thing I already have a Netflix subscription because I’m in for anything Groening does.