Use MAC Addresses to Figure Out How Old Network Devices Are

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If you can get a device’s MAC address, you can figure out how old it is. MAC addresses are unique identifier numbers for the devices on a network, and it turns out you can use them to get an idea of the age of devices. That’s handy if you’re trying to gather more data about what’s on your network, and like every other tool, can be used for good or bad. The data is all in a freely accessible CSV file on Github.

Use MAC Addresses to Figure Out How Old Network Devices Are

Changing the Wi-Fi Password on Your AirPort Device

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AirPort Extreme

If you’ve given your network info to someone you wish you hadn’t (or you’re just tired of telling guests that your password is !!!!???R1CK&m0R7Y4EVA), you should know that you can change your Wi-Fi password on your AirPort device using a built-in utility on your Mac. Melissa Holt’s here to give us all the details and caveats!

macOS: How to Roll Back the Firmware on Your AirPort

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If you update your Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme and your network starts having issues, then just go and roll back the version you installed! This little-known feature will let you revert the firmware on your Apple network devices in case you run into trouble, and Melissa Holt’s gonna tell us how in today’s Quick Tip.

Overriding iCloud SSID Selection

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SSID in a field of binary numbers

Mac Geek Gab listener Nick asked how to override iCloud SSID selection on his network. John F. Braun explains how to do so, and how to automate it so you no longer have to do it by hand.