How to Use Numbers on iCloud

· Jeff Butts · Deep Dive

How to Use Numbers for iCloud - Featured Image

If you think your only options for beautiful spreadsheets is Excel, Jeff Butts has an excellent overview of how to use Numbers on iCloud

Numbers: How to Refer to Cells in Other Sheets

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

With Numbers, Apple’s spreadsheet program, you can have multiple sheets in a single document and use cells within each to calculate values in the others. It’s handy! Come on in and read about how.

macOS: How to Use Smart Categories in Numbers

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

In a recent update, Numbers gained the ability to sort by category, so if you want to break down your budget by transaction type, say, you can do that really easily. The details are all here in today’s Quick Tip!

iMovie Update Adds Facebook Video Export

· Andrew Orr · Product News

Apple’s iWork suite of apps were updated yesterday. Among them was an iMovie feature that added Facebook video export.

iPhone X Notch, iWork Is Dead, Zombie Physics, Bitcoin/Hashgraph - Pop.0 Ep. 18

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Are you for or against the iPhone X notch? Bryan Chaffin and John Kheit are joined by Walt to go over the issues—or lack thereof. They also argue about the state of Apple’s iWork suite, and ask if we’re seeing signs of progress in Apple’s ability to iterate existing projects. For the pop portion of the show, they visit the ever-burning question of zombie physics. And to cap the show, the look at the huge run in Bitcoin, as well as a blockchain tech called hashgraph. Make sure you subscribe! (WARNING NSFW: PROFANITY & RANTS)

macOS: How to Hide Rows in Numbers

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Melissa Holt shows you how to hide rows in your Numbers spreadsheets on your Mac, and throws in Excel and Google Sheets, too.

iCloud and iWork: Using On-Demand Downloads

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Using iCloud Drive? Then you need to know how to download all of your Pages, Numbers, or Keynote files to your iOS devices automatically. This’ll definitely save you some headaches if you need access to your spreadsheets when you head out into an area with sketchy cell coverage!

macOS: How to Delete Old Versions of Files

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

macOS Sierra Logo

As a follow-up to last week’s Quick Tip on restoring versions of files, today Melissa Holt is answering a reader’s question about how to delete those old versions. So if you need to, say, remove that one version of a TextEdit document with all those nasty words about your boss, you can do just that!

macOS: Using "Restore a Copy"

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

macOS Sierra Logo

This Quick Tip of the day is about restoring file versions. The fact that you can go back to earlier saved documents is great, but what if you don’t want to replace the one you’re working on when you revert to an old version? Melissa Holt’s got the scoop in this article!

Pages for macOS: Always Start New Documents With Specific Template

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

Change Pages for macOS to always open with a blank document or some other template

Pages for macOS is a great app, as are its cousins Numbers and Keynote. What many people don’t think is so great is having to select a template every time you want to begin a new document. Jeff Butts shows us how to configure any of the three iWork Suite apps to launch new documents in the Blank template or any other template of your choosing.

Ditch Redmond With These Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac

· Jeff Butts · Deep Dive

Microsoft Office Alternatives

When many folks switch to Mac, they bring Microsoft with them, begrudgingly. They don’t realize the wealth of Microsoft Office alternatives out there, so they stick with what they know. Jeff Butts felt that pain, did the research, and has come up with some great choices for ditching Redmond altogether.