Take a Good Look at Your Digital File System This Holiday Season

Victoria Song advises that we should reexamine our digital file system and maybe reduce, reuse, and recycle our content.

Look, 2020 was supposed to be my year. I set out with what I thought were pretty reasonable New Year’s resolutions—one of which was to spend less time on my screens. And then the pandemic hit. During the endless hours that ensued, I noticed something: My digital filing system was a goddamn mess.

I’m taking this opportunity to shamelessly recommend my system of personal information management. It does use a series of structured folders but more importantly it creates a consistent way to write file names.

M.G. Siegler's 2018 Homescreen and How it Changed

I love reading about how other people use their devices, and every year M.G. Siegler shares how his home screen evolves over time.

We all have our apps that we use on a daily basis. And for new ones to break in, they don’t just have to be better, they have to be so much better that they’re worth replacing another app. More specifically, the time you use another app.

Readers will know I’m a fiend when it comes to organization. So for my iPhone and iPad I keep my most-used apps on the home screen, and organize them all alphabetically.