New Paperlike 2 Screen Protector is Great for Artists

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Paperlike is a screen protector for iPads with a rough surface. Like the name suggests, its purpose is to mimic the feel of paper so drawing on the iPad feels more natural. Now, the Paperlike 2 is out, improving on the first version. This time, it has a new Nanodots surface that lets more of the screen’s light shine through.

The key ingredient for the new Paperlike is the new Surface Technology “Nanodots®”. We called it that for a very simple reason: because we’ve basically sprinkled tiny dots across the screen protector’s foil. These dots don’t disturb the light as much, thus you get a rougher screen with less refraction.

Paperlike 2 is available on Kickstarter. The project is already funded, but you can pledge €29 (US$32) for a screen protector. The estimated delivery is October 2019.

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Could Really Feel Like Writing on Paper

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It’s easy to draw, write, and sketch on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, but it just doesn’t feel the same as when you put a real pen or pencil to paper. It’s slippery, too glossy, and feels like plastic. Furthermore, the Apple Pencil just doesn’t float across the screen the way a good pencil does on high-quality paper. A project on Kickstarter aims to solve that dilemma. The project is PaperLike, and the moniker really fits. The inventor has tried a bunch of different styli and screen protectors, and nothing felt quite right. That’s why he decided to make his own. In addition to making the iPad Pro feel like plastic, the overlay also reduces glare, eliminates fingerprints, and protects your screen from scratches. PaperLike will ship in June 2017, and you can get yours early for 17 Euros.