Avoid the Passwords on this List to Reduce the Risk of Getting Hacked

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The SplashData worst 100 passwords for 2017 list is out, and the top two are 123456 and password. The list shows just how predictable many passwords are and how difficult it is to convince people they need something more unique than letmein (number 7) or football (number 9). Admin is still a painfully popular password, and starwars is pretty popular, too. You can check out the full list at the SplashData website.

Avoid the Passwords on this List to Reduce the Risk of Getting Hacked

If You Haven't Changed Your iCloud Password in the Past Two Years do it Now

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Change your iCloud password to stop hackers from wiping out your data

Trying to extort money out of Apple by threatening to wipe out iCloud accounts and reset iPhones is a business model the Turkish Crime Family hacker team will likely learn is flawed at best, but there it is a great reminder to change your online passwords regularly. The list of iCloud logins the group has looks to be at least two years old, so if you haven’t changed your password more recently than that, it’s time right now.

For #&%@'s Sake, Make Your Passwords Stronger

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Cyber Security

Hey, guess what? Your passwords probably suck. Most of our passwords suck, as shown in an analysis of 10 million passwords released in security breaches from 2016. Bryan Chaffin has some basic tips for improving your password security, and stern words for those who slack on this!