Apple Could Let You Edit iMessages in the Future

· Andrew Orr · Link

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A patent filed in December reveals a method to let Apple customers edit iMessages as a method of correction. The edit history would also be available so everyone can see what the sender originally wrote.

The patent filing has an example to demonstrate Apple’s system for editing previously-sent texts. Two people are discussing a trip, and one of them accidentally writes and sends “Can I get a ridiculous up with you?”

They then press and hold on that text to bring up a windows with “Edit” as an option. They make the change so the text reads “Can I get a ride up with you?”

This is a great feature and I hope Apple adds it to iOS. Memojis and Animojis are fun, but Messages needs features like this that are actually useful to people.

Apple Awarded Patent for Mac Face ID

· Andrew Orr · News

Apple was recently granted a patent for Mac Face ID with a smart auto-wake feature. This version sounds more intelligent than current Face ID.

Facebook's Spy Patent, Apple Music Shows, Samsung Patent Fight Ends - ACM 468

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

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Facebook has a scary new patent application that Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet say “is so Zuck.” They also talk about how Apple might position and price its streaming original content, and there are a lot of possibilities. Plus, Apple’s long-running patent fight with Samsung is over. What does that really mean?

Apple Escalates Royalty Battle with Qualcomm, Suspends Payments

· Bryan Chaffin · News

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The royalty fight between Apple and Qualcomm got real Friday after Apple suspended supplier payments ultimately destined for the chip maker. Apple said it was suspending payments until the courts decide how much Apple owes.