Apple Brings Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in for Employee Talk

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Apple brought Twitter cofounder and current CEO Jack Dorsey in for a talk with some Apple employees. We don’t yet know specifically what he talked about, but I thought it was an interesting development. We do know that he was speaking to folks in Phil Schiller’s marketing team, according to Bloomberg.

While the address itself didn’t point to a new partnership between Dorsey’s companies and Apple, it was indicative of their bond and existing collaboration. Apple promoted Twitter as an iOS app coming to the Mac this fall, and the social media service is deeply integrated into both the iPhone and iPad. Apple was also among the first retailers to sell Square’s now-common credit-card reader.

News+: Apple's Courage to Remove the Headphone Jack

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In the latest magazine issue of Macworld, Michael Simon writes about Apple’s courage to remove the headphone jack.

At the iPhone 7 introduction, Apple VP Phil Schiller talked about having the “courage” to make the change, to leave the headphone jack behind. At the time it was kind of cringe-worthy…But you know what? He was right. It might have sounded like the reality distortion field on steroids, but Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack from its  most popular product wasn’t a flippant design whim. It was the start of a new strategy that would bring convenience, simplicity, and downright delight.

This is part of Andrew’s News+ series, where he shares a magazine every Friday to help people discover good content in Apple News+.

Apple Leadership Page Gets Memoji Makeover for World Emoji Day

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Tim Cook, Angela Arhendts, Eddy Cue, Phil Schiller, and Hair Force One as Memoji

Apple redid its executive profiles using the upcoming Memoji feature in iOS 12 for iPhone X (and new iPhone models to be announced this fall), all as part of its World Emoji Day celebration/blitz.

Pro Photographer Austin Mann Reviews iMac Pro with Gorgeous Antartica Pics

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Pro photographer Austin Mann published a thorough review of Apple’s iMac Pro based on his professional work (thanks to Phil Schiller for the heads up). He takes us through his workflow using a photographic tour of Antartica for a backdrop, and really, the pics alone are worth your time. There’s lots of before-and-after comparisons—including some cool slider-effects—and he talks about processing a 13-foot-wide panorama that was an 11.4GB file. If you’re a creative pro—especially a photographer—this review is likely going to give you some good perspective on the iMac Pro. Spoiler: his recommendation is to get the iMac Pro, and to max it out as much as yo can because it isn’t upgradeable.

Pro Photographer Austin Mann Reviews iMac Pro with Gorgeous Antartica Pics

Phil Schiller Talks Music, Siri, and HomeKit for HomePod in Interview

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Apple has turned out the C-Suite to promote HomePod, including senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller. In an interview with audio magazine Sound and Vision, Mr. Schiller talked up three aspects of Apple’s smart speaker: music, Siri, and HomeKit. There’s little I would call new in the interview, and when I went looking for a standout quote, it all felt like informative marketing speak. But, it’s interesting to see Mr. Schiller pushing HomeKit integration, which has largely been downplayed in Apple’s marketing message so far. One way or another, however, it’s a good read that gives a nice overview of what Apple wants us to think about HomePod.

Phil Schiller Talks Music, Siri, and HomeKit for HomePod in Interview

Jony Ive: Blindly Holding onto the Past Leads to Failure

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The comment came in regards to design decisions Apple has made with its iPhone line, including ditching the headphone jack in iPhone 7 and the Home button on iPhone X.

iOS 11 Favorite Features, Apple’s Entertainment Plans, Apple Watch Cheaters - ACM 427

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Apple Context Machine Logo

iOS 11 is coming, and Bryan and Jeff discuss some of what they’re looking forward to. They also talk about Apple’s big plans in making movies and TV shows, and why it’s important for Apple to do so. The cap the show with a look at Apple Watch being involved with a baseball cheating scheme.