Philips Adds Outdoor LightStrip to its Philips Hue Smart Light Family

Philips is adding more to its outdoor smart light product line with the weatherproof Hue LightStrip. The outdoor LightStrip is HomeKit compatible and can be seen on the Philips Netherlands website in 2 meter and 5 meter lengths. It can withstand rain and puddles, according to the HomeKit News translation. The kit uses clips instead of adhesive backing to hold the LightStrip in place, and Philips is offering multi-color and white-only versions. There isn’t any word yet on when the weatherproof LightStrip will ship, or how much it’ll cost.

Sync Your Hue Smart Lights with Videos, Music, and Games with the Philips Hue Sync App for the Mac

Signify released its Philips Hue Sync app for Mac and Windows on Thursday, giving Philips Hue smart light users a new way to control their lighting experience. The app uses Hue bulbs to add lighting and color effects in real time to music, videos, and games playing on your computer. It also works with televisions if you use AirPlay or connect via HDMI, which is great if your computer and TV aren’t in the same room. The Philips Hue Sync app is free and available for download at the Philips Hue website.