Krome Photos is a Service That Edits Your Photos For You

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Krome Photos is a new app that sets itself apart from other photo editors. It’s a service where you send your photos to trained editors who edit your photo for you. Krome editors can improve color, merge multiple photos, change the background, add a person or create a whole new image. They also offer one free re-edit with every order. There are three order options ranging from US$3 to US$12. Your first design is discounted. Popular edit requests include changing the background and color, skin corrections, adding/removing people, adding props or a logo, combining multiple images (up to 4) into one, and fixing, restoring, and repairing a photo.

Krome Photos is a Service That Edits Your Photos For You

High Sierra: How to Edit Live Photos

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In this Quick Tip, we’re going to cover how to edit, trim, and add effects to your Live Photos within macOS High Sierra! Which is great considering how many Live Photos Melissa Holt has that include camera jiggling, bad language, and so on. You’d think she’d just get better at taking Live Photos, but now that she can adjust them, she doesn’t have to! Whew.