Powerbeats 4 Coming Soon for $149

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Image of black powerbeats 4

Beats made it official: New Powerbeats 4 headphones are coming soon for US$149 with an increase in battery life and the H1 chip.

iOS 12.2 Reveals Wireless Powerbeats Pro

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Remember that rumor about wireless Powerbeats? Turns out it was real. They’re called Powerbeats Pro and will include the H1 chip.

Given that the new Powerbeats Pro looks and works similar to AirPods, they could be the solution for those who’ve been waiting for a black version of AirPods, which some expected to come with the second generation released last week.

I’d still rather have black AirPods.

Wireless PowerBeats Could Arrive in April

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New speculation suggests we might see wireless PowerBeats next month. These would be true wireless without a connecting cord.