Yahoo Mobile Phone Service Arrives for $40

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Yahoo Mobile is a new phone service that costs US$40/month. It uses Verizon’s network to give you unlimited texts, calls, and 4G data.

Times of high congestion will result in a slower connection, and tethering is limited to 5Mbits, with one tethered device permitted at time. Regular download speeds will range between 5-12 Mbps, with upload speeds of around 2-5 Mbps — not ground-breaking stuff, but reasonable enough.

It’s a direct competitor to Verizon’s other prepaid service, Visible (Which I use). Visible sounds like a better deal than Yahoo Mobile though since it removed its data cap.

Visible is a New Prepaid Carrier Selling iPhones

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Visible is a new Verizon-owned prepaid carrier, and it recently announced it will start selling iPhones at 0% APR.

As for what Visible is actually offering, you pay $40 a month for unlimited text, voice, data and hotspot usage at speeds of up to 5 Mbps. There’s no contract, no extra fees and you manage everything through an app on your phone.

I’m tempted to sign up for Visible. Last year they reached out to me to test the service but I never heard back. Time to test it on my own.

New Verizon Prepaid Plan Has Unlimited Data, But With Limitations

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Verizon launched a new prepaid plan today, featured unlimited data. It’s US$80, and you won’t need to sign a contract or fork over your credit details. However, Big Red will limit you in certain ways, so take that “unlimited” phrase with a grain of salt. Andrew Orr tells us what the new plan gives you.