Tim Cook Calls for 'Well-Crafted' Regulation Protecting Privacy

· Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Mr. Cook’s comments came in the wake of news that Facebook profile data was used in ways that violate Facebook terms of service, and that Facebook knew about the privacy breach and didn’t tell users.

FTC Launches Investigation into Facebook's Privacy Practices

· Jeff Gamet · News

FTC Facebook privacy investigation

Facebook’s headaches over the way Cambridge Analytica obtained and exploited user profiles is far from over because the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into the social network’s privacy practices.

Here's What You Need to Know About Managing Your FaceBook Account

· Jeff Gamet · How-To

Locking down your Facebook privacy settings

Facebook digs pretty deep into our personal lives, but that doesn’t mean you have to blindly hand over all of your intimate details. Check out The Mac Observer’s tips on managing your Facebook privacy settings, deleting posts, shutting down your account, and more.

Here's How to Block Facebook Platform Data Sharing

· Jeff Gamet · How-To

Facebook Platform settings to disable all apps and services from linking to Facebook

Cambridge Analytica worked Facebook’s own system to harvest millions of profiles and then used that data in Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. That was all thanks to Facebook Platforms, which is a feature you can disable. Read on to learn how.

Private Browsing Mode isn't Just for Porn

· Jeff Gamet · How-To

Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome private browsing windows

Not sure why you might need to use private browsing mode in Safari, Firefox, or Chrome on your Mac? Here’s how to enable the feature, and some ideas on how it can help online.

How to Disable Amazon's Photo on Delivery Feature

· Jeff Gamet · How-To

Amazon Photo on Delivery

Amazon may be snapping pics of your house with its Photo on Delivery service. If that’s a little too creepy for you here’s how to turn it off.