Logitech Buying Popular Microphone Maker Blue

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Logitech buying microphone and audio gear maker Blue

Logitech is expanding its foothold in the audio market again by purchasing microphone and audio gear maker Blue in a US$117 million deal.

No, Apple didn't Buy Music Provider Omnifone

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Omnifone for sale

Earlier this month a report said online music provider Omnifone was being purchased by an unnamed U.S. company for US$10 million. Now a new report is out saying that company was Apple, but it’s very likely that’s not really the case.

Watch Out Streaming Music Market, Apple wants to Buy Tidal

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Apple Tidal logo

Apple is reportedly negotiating to buy competing streaming music service Tidal for an undisclosed amount. The deal, should it come together, holds several potential benefits for Apple Music, including an extra 4.2 million subscribers. But there’s still several places where it could implode.