Railway Empire Isn't Coming to Mac [Update]

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[Update: I checked with Kalypso on Mac support, and unfortunately the company said Railway Empire won’t be coming for the Mac. Despite being released on Steam—and Linux for crying out loud—there’s no Mac version planned. The original reports of it coming to the Mac were blamed on an error in the press release.] Yeah, I went through two keyboards trying to write this post. They kept shorting out from all the drool. It’s this new game, Railway Empire, which is being teased with the not-subtle tagline, “All Aboard Railway Tycoons!” It looks amazing. It looks like it picks up where Railroad Tycoon and Railroads left off, but bigger and more detailed. Players can invest in 300 technologies. There are 40 different trains “modeled in extraordinary detail.” Players will also have to manage work forces and can conduct raids and industrial espionage against rivals. Zzzzt! Dangit. There went another keyboard…in any event, it’s scheduled for release in the 1st quarter of 2018 for Mac, PC, Xbox, PS4, and Linux. Watch the amazing trailer below.