Bill Gates on Steve Jobs's Reality Distortion Field and Casting Spells

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CNN has posted a video interview by Fareed Zakaria of Bill Gates where they talk about Steve Jobs [via The Loop]. The discussion is about management and managers and how it is that Steve Jobs broke all the rules of management but still succeeded. Mr. Gates has a unique perspective on this, having worked with and against Steve Jobs in the early days of the modern computer business. He calls Steve Jobs a wizard, referring to what has long been known as Steve Jobs’s RDF (Reality Distortion Field). The way his face lights up when he’s remembering back to Mr. Jobs “casting spells” and mesmerizing everyone around him is frankly terrific. He also calls the NeXT Cube “nonsense” and unspecified current Apple products as “amazing.” Check it out.

Cheap (Legal?) Movie Downloads and The (Self-Inflicted?) Effects of Apple's RDF – TMO Daily Observations 2017-10-18

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The movie studios let you add digital movies to your library for two dollars, and Apple’s reality distortion field is still strong – and perhaps self-inflicted – and that’s what Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro discuss with guest-host Dave Hamilton on today’s TDO. Press play… and enjoy!