Much of the Early Internet has Been Lost

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Websites die too, and much of the early internet has been gradually, silently lost. Organizations like the Internet Archive can only do so much.

One major problem with trying to archive the internet is that it never sits still. Every minute – every second – more photos, blog posts, videos, news stories and comments are added to the pile. While digital storage has fallen drastically in price, archiving all this material still costs money.

Download Windows 95 On Your Mac As An App

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It’s now possible to download Windows 95 on your Mac right now, as an app. You can run it on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Slack developer Felix Rieseberg has created the electron app, and published the source code and app installers on Github. Apps like Wordpad, MS Pain, and Minesweeper all run just fine, like they would on the actual operating system. However, it seems like Internet Explorer can’t load web pages. The app is 129MB and only uses about 200MB of RAM, even if you’re running it with multiple apps and programs running. If you run into problems, you can reset Windows 95 inside the app and start over.

Download Windows 95 On Your Mac As An App