On Covering Up Your iPhone Selfie Camera

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Jack Morse writes how we should cover up our phone’s selfie camera, but doesn’t spend much time telling us why. 90% of the article is about webcams on laptops. The only phone-related thing mentioned is the iOS FaceTime bug. Ultimately the choice to cover up the selfie camera is a personal one, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

This writer has used the Post-it Note technique for a few years, and it works wonders. While every now and then I get some weird looks from strangers or friends when they see that I cover my selfie camera, just like with laptop webcam covers it’s likely they’ll all be doing the same before too long.

AirSelfie 2: Drone Not Ready for Prime Time

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Dr. Mac had high hopes for AirSelfie 2, a reasonably priced (under $200), pocket-sized drone made of anodized aeronautical grade aluminum with a 12-megapixel HD camera with anti-vibration shock absorbers. Read Dr. Mac’s Rants & Raves Episode #319 and learn how his hopes were dashed…