DOJ Approves T-Mobile, Sprint Merger

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The U.S. Department of Justice has approved the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, but a lawsuit from 13 state attorneys is currently pending.

The merger can’t be finalized however until a lawsuit from 13 state attorneys general and the District of Columbia is concluded. A trial date is set for Oct. 7, though that date could be pushed as late as Dec. 9.

It’s also possible that the case could be settled out of court, since it revolves around a lack of competition in the national wireless space. With Dish being propped up as a replacement for Sprint, there may not be reason to continue.

10 States Sue to Stop Sprint, T-Mobile Merger

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Ten states filed a lawsuit today to stop the Sprint and T-Mobile merger, saying consumers will be hurt due to reduced competition.

FCC Set to Approve T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

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T-Mobile and Sprint merger

Chairman Ajit Pai will recommend to the FFC that a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint should go ahead, he said in a statement.

Sprint Brands AT&T 5G 'Fake' in New York Times Advert

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Sprint took out a full-page advert in Sunday’s New York Times hitting out at AT&T’s 5G claims. MacRumors reported that the advert branded AT&T’s claims as “fake 5G”, saying it was not faster than Sprint’s 4G LTE network. In February, Sprint filed a lawsuit against the 5G claims.

In the letter [PDF], Sprint calls AT&T’s 5G Evolution “fake 5G” and clarifies that AT&T is not, in fact, offering faster speeds than other carriers who deliver the same 4G LTE advancements that AT&T has enabled such as three-way carrier aggregation, 256 QAM, and 4×4 MIMO…AT&T first started upgrading customer iPhones to read “5GE” in the iOS 12.2 beta, and the misleading branding will become much more widespread when iOS 12.2 sees a public release.

Sprint Suing AT&T over False 5G Claims

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sprint store

Sprint is suing rival network AT&T over the 5G Evolution branding on its phones. Engadget (which is owned by Verizon), reported that a Sprint survey found that a large number of users thought the 5GE branding meant the network was equivalent to 5G. Users also believed that their AT&T phone was already 5G capable. The lawsuit called for the 5GE tags to be removed from AT&T devices and advertising.

In its claim, Sprint said it commissioned a survey that found 54 percent of consumers believed the “5GE” networks were the same as or better than 5G, and that 43 percent think if they buy an AT&T phone today it will be 5G capable, even though neither of those things are true. Sprint’s argument is that what AT&T is doing is damaging the reputation of 5G, while it works to build out what it calls a ” legitimate early entry into the 5G network space.”

Users Reported iOS 12.1.3 WiFi Issues

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When it first launched, iOS 12.1.3 stopped some users accessing cellular data, something that had already happened with the rollout of iOS 12.1.2. The situation was so bad, provider Sprint put out a warning. This emerged after iOS 12.1.1 caused 4G issues. Now, it seems, the latest version of the operating system is also causing WiFi issues. Gordon Kelly rounded up the situation for Forbes.

Apple’s pledge with iOS 12 was to focus on performance and reliability. It actually fulfilled its promise on speed, which makes iOS 12 a very appealing upgrade, but its failure with reliability is twofold. Not only are major bugs still occurring, what’s worse (since bugs are inevitable), is they not being fixed as a priority from release to release.

T-Mobile, Sprint, and 5G Networks - TMO Daily Observations 2018-04-30

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John Martellaro and Andrew Orr join Jeff Gamet to discuss the T-Mobile and Sprint merger along with 5G networks, plus they respond to listener comments on Apple dropping its AirPort product line.

Sprint and T-Mobile Plan Fewer Wireless Discounts in 2018

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Sprint and T-Mobile are both planning to dial back their aggressive discounting in 2018, according to The Wall Street Journal. Both carriers—the #4 and #3 carriers in the U.S.—are prime pushers of cheaper plans, and their tactics have served as checks on pricing from Verizon and AT&T (#1 and #2, respectively). In other words, there’s a chance we’ll see higher prices across the board this year. So yay?

Sprint and T-Mobile Plan Fewer Wireless Discounts in 2018

Here's How To Get a Sprint iPhone 8 For $10 a Month

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First, you’ll have to be a new customer to apply. Or, if you’re an existing customer, you can trade in an eligible phone. Then, sign up for the Sprint Flex lease and upgrade program.