Apple and Stanford Launch Apple Watch Heart Study

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple and Stanford rate study

Apple and Stanford launched their joint Apple Watch heart study program on Thursday. The program is collecting heart rate data to study irregular heart rhythms.

Stanford's 'Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift' free on iTunes U

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

iTunes U pushed a version of Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift. The free iOS tutorial series from the Stanford School of Engineering has been updated for iOS 10 and the current version of Swift. Reader Rick Allen turned me onto this release, calling it, “a great and free resource,” which seems like a great reason to pass it on. Reviews on iTunes are overwhelmingly good, too. The description says the 14-part course covers UI design, memory management, a model-view-controller paradigm, object-oriented databases, animation, power management, multi-threading, networking, and performance. And it’s free through iTunes U.

Stanford’s ‘Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift’ free on iTunes U