Students Want to Ban College Facial Recogntion

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Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Fight for the Future are teaming up to ban college facial recognition from campuses.

Facial recognition surveillance spreading to college campuses would put students, faculty, and community members at risk…Schools that are already using this technology are conducting unethical experiments on their students. Students and staff have a right to know if their administrations are planning to implement biometric surveillance on campus. Grassroots organizing stopped facial recognition from ruining music festivals. Now we’re going to stop it from invading university campuses.

The GitHub Student Developer Pack Can Save You $45,000

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The GitHub Student Developer Pack is back, and it can save you up to US$45,000 in software and services.

Verified students who join the Pack receive GitHub Pro at no charge while in school, plus exclusive offers from our GitHub Education partners. More than doubling in size with 21 new partners, the Pack now represents almost $45,000 dollars in savings available to you during your time as a student.

Apple Music Student Trial Doubled to Six Months

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The Apple Music student trial has been doubled to six months, giving students even more value as they decide whether to join or not.

8 Back to School Tech Products For Your Kids

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It’s that time of the year again. Kids are going back to school, and we’ve rounded up eight back to school tech products.

Apple Recruits UK Students With Music Ambassador Program

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Apple Music

Apple has started an Apple Music Ambassador program this week to enlist the help of college students. In exchange for promoting Apple Music, students receive perks based on how many people they can sign up.