News+ How the Upcoming USB4 Tech Could Affect iOS Products

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In the latest issue of Macworld, Jason Cross writes how USB4 could affect iOS products like the iPad.

Simply put, it makes it easier for its iOS devices, Apple TV, and every other product without an Intel chip inside to support all the features of Thunderbolt 3…a future iPad Pro’s USB-C port could be USB4-compatible and hook up to all sorts of monitors, including the Thunderbolt 3 monitor you may have.

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The Devil Box Enables Solid Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Expansion

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The promise of Thunderbolt has always been to eliminate the need for internal expansion slots. But it wasn’t until Thunderbolt 3 and its 40 Gbps speed that having a second, external, high end graphics card would become a practical reality. For example, if you’d like to augment your new 2016 MacBook Pro with a Radeon RX400 series or an Nvidia Geforce GTX 10, now you can do that with this $379 TB3 expansion box from PowerColor called the Devil Box. Here’s a review to whet your appetite for some serious graphics power.

The Devil Box Enables Solid Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Expansion