Tidal May be Only 6 Months from Collapsing

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Tidal's cash flow will hold out for only six months

Tidal’s days in the streaming music market may be numbered. The company is reportedly hemorrhaging money and has enough cash left to stay afloat for only six more months.

Jay-Z, Kanye Show Tidal Isn't So Exclusive After All

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Kanye West ends exclusive streaming music deal with Tidal

It seems it isn’t all puppy dogs and rainbows for Tidal because company co-founder Jay Z’s new album 4:44 is now available on competing streaming music services and Kanye West just ended his exclusivity deal over a payment dispute.

Prince Coming to Apple Music, Spotify

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Prince albums on Apple Music in February - AP photo of Prince at the 46th Grammy Awards

It looks like Prince may be streaming on Apple Music and other services soon. An industry insider says deals are in place for the iconic artist’s work to stream on more than just Tidal starting on February 12.

Sprint's Tidal Purchase, Apple Watch as a Medical Sensor - TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-23

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Sprint now owns 33% of Tidal, and its cell service subscribers are going to get some exclusive content out of the deal. Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to sort out what the deal means, plus John explains how our Apple Watches could eventually become our personal medical monitors.

Sprint Buys Its Way Into Streaming Music Market with Tidal Investment

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Sprint buys 33 percent of Tidal

Sprint wants in on the streaming music game, so it just bought 33% of Tidal. The deal gives Sprint access to what they’re calling exclusive content available only to their subscribers, and it gives Tidal the financial boost it’s been looking for.

Watch Out Streaming Music Market, Apple wants to Buy Tidal

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Apple Tidal logo

Apple is reportedly negotiating to buy competing streaming music service Tidal for an undisclosed amount. The deal, should it come together, holds several potential benefits for Apple Music, including an extra 4.2 million subscribers. But there’s still several places where it could implode.