Create a Touchscreen MacBook With $1 Worth of Hardware

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

A proof-of-concept touchscreen MacBook was created with a dollar’s worth of hardware, called Project Sistine. The main principle behind Sistine is the surface reflection.

Surfaces viewed from an angle tend to look shiny, and you can tell if a finger is touching the surface by checking if it’s touching its own reflection.

The hardware is a modified version of ShinyTouch. By fitting a small mirror in front of the MacBook’s built-in webcam, the software can see fingers touching or hovering over the display. It’s a cool concept that you can read more about here.

Craig Federighi Doesn't See a Touchscreen Mac in the Future

· Jim Tanous · News

no touchscreen macbook

Even though Apple announced that iOS apps will soon be ported to the Mac, Apple exec Craig Federighi doesn’t think that a touchscreen Mac makes sense, stating that the explosion of touchscreens in the Windows world may end up as a failed experiment.

Defy Apple and Add a Touchscreen to Your MacBook with AirBar

· Jim Tanous · Cool Stuff Found

Apple recently doubled-down on its refusal to add a touchscreen to its MacBook line, but if you’re starting 2017 with a bit of Microsoft Surface envy, you’ll soon be able to turn your MacBook Air’s display into a touchscreen, regardless of what Jony Ive thinks. AirBar is a USB-powered sensor that attaches to the bottom of your screen and enables touch interactions right on the display thanks to the company’s “zForce AIR” light field technology. The company is launching support for the MacBook Air first with support for other models to follow. Interested users can sign up at the company’s website to be notified once pre-orders go live in March. There’s no word on pricing but AirBar already sells a version for Windows laptops for $69.