Learn About Typefaces With Typography Insight

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Typography Insight is a toolkit for learning & teaching typography, designed for those who love type. You can learn about historically important typefaces, observe and compare them. Now you can access system fonts and thousands of fonts from Adobe Typekit with Adobe ID. Features; Juxtaposing comparison: Understand the detail differences between the typefaces with side by side comparison; Overlaying comparison: Compare two typefaces by overlaying on top of each other; Type inspector: Observe the detail shapes of typefaces such as serif, counter, and ear in very large scale, with pinch and pan gesture; Basics: Learn about the basics of typography and simple tips for making a readable page; Typeface anatomy: Learn about the elements and terminologies of typefaces; Historical typefaces: Understand different characteristics of historically important typefaces; and more. App Store: US$2.99

Learn About Typefaces With Typography Insight

You Can Download the National Parks' Typeface

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National Parks use a distinct typeface, featuring round edges in all caps carved into wooden signs. And now you can download it.

Shellhorn, who was on sabbatical from his current job as an associate professor of design at the University of Kansas, was redesigning the park’s newspaper and wanted to include the type found on National Park signs. But he soon discovered there was no digital typeface because the letters are simply formed with a CNC router in the park’s sign shop, chiseled into wood. The shape of the letters were determined by the size of the router bit.

Although it sounds like the typeface wasn’t intentionally designed, it’s a good choice for signage because of the legibility due to all capital letters and wide kerning.

macOS: Basic Tricks for Fast Text Selection

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For this Quick Tip, Melissa Holt’s got some tricks for us on how to do text selection within a document, email, or webpage. So if you’re unfamiliar with ways to select text without clicking and dragging, come read this one! It’ll save you tons of time.

macOS: Using the Text "Transformations" Feature

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Never heard of the Transformations menu option? Then you should come check this out. The feature’s been around forever, but a lot of folks don’t know that you can use it to change text accidentally typed in uppercase to lowercase, for example. Sweet!

Glenn Fleishman's 'Hands On' is the Print and Typography Book I've Always Wanted

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I’m something of a typography and print nerd thanks to my time in the printing industry, but I can’t hold a candle to my friend Glenn Fleishman’s devotion and knowledge on the topics. That’s why I’m so excited about his new Kickstarter campaign called Hands On: the Original Digital. Glenn is hand-crafting an amazing book about the history of print and typography as only he can, and he’s creating 100 numbered and signed letterpress books. You can follow along as the project goes from design to print to binding on the special backer’s website, which no doubt will be a fascinating process. Pledging US$100 or more gets you the limited edition book, plus the ebook version and more. Lower pledge levels get you the ebook along with other perks. When I checked last about half of the printed books were spoken for—and yes, I’ve already pledged for mine.

Glenn Fleishman’s ‘Hands On’ is the Print and Typography Book I’ve Always Wanted