Unboxing Photos of a Pristine Original 1984 Macintosh

Oh, wow. This is so cool! I’m talking about photographs of an original Macintosh unboxing event. It wasn’t a “new in box” Mac, or anything, but it was an immaculately cared for device, including the 34 year old box! The owner recently sold the Mac to Imgur user edifyyo, who then documented his initial unboxing. How cool, right? He posted the pics in two batches, the first focusing on the box and unpacking the device. Part 2 included closeups of the Mac itself. As I mentioned up top, it was immaculately cared for, and even includes the original “ELECTRICALLY SAFETY CHECKED” sticker, which I can’t recall having seen before. Check it out! Thanks to Jim Tanous for the heads up.

Verne Troyer's Tesla Unboxing Video is Even Better than You Think

Getting a new car is pretty cool, and if it’s a Tesla, even more so. If it’s Verne Troyer getting a new Tesla it’s cool with a double dose of awesome. Verne is an actor who is well known for is role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies and he’s used to dealing with products that aren’t sized quite right for him. His new Tesla, however is perfect, and his unboxing video is so much fun it should be criminal.

Light L16 Unboxing Video by Pop.0

Remember the L16 by Light? This thing has 16 lenses built into the case. 16 of them! John Kheit got one, because [John Kheit], and he did an unboxing video for us. He’ll be taking pictures with this crazy puppy soon, but let’s start with the unboxing! [Correction: A Light representative contacted us to note that the L16 was made available via a “private preorder initiative,” rather than Kickstarter, as John said in the video. John was using “Kickstarter” generically. – Editor]