117 Emoji Coming This Year, Like a Mammoth, Dodo, Worm, and More

· Andrew Orr · Link

The Unicode Consortium has approved the first group of new emojis for 2020, known as Emoji 13.0. They feature 117 of the fun symbols, including a mammoth, dodo bird, worm, and a lot more.

As with all new emoji releases, the appearance of each emoji varies by platform. Images shown on this page (and tweet thread) are original designs created by Emojipedia in a glossy style to show one potential way these may look when implemented on major platforms such as iOS, Android, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

How to Delete the i-to-A Text Replacement Workaround

· Jeff Gamet · Quick Tip

No entry button reveals the Delete button for removing Text Replacement entries

Now that iOS 11.1.1 is out with a fix for the annoying bug that changed “i” to “A” you don’t need the Text Replacement workaround I showed you earlier in the week. It’s easy to delete. Just follow along to see how.

Coming Soon To Your iPhone: Over 70 New Unicode 10 Emojis

· Andrew Orr · News

Unicode 10 will be launched in June and it will include a bunch of new, awesome emojis. There are 69 new emojis in total, and some or all of them may eventually make their way into iOS 11. Someone made mockups on Emojipedia in Apple’s style, let’s check them out.