After Eight Years Apple Obsoletes iPad 2

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Eight years ago Apple launched the iPad 2. Now the company is adding all iPad 2 models to its obsolete products list.

The only exceptions are in California and Turkey, where due to local laws, Apple will continue to service the iPad 2 until March 2021. From that date, the iPad 2 will finally go from “vintage” to “obsolete” worldwide.

The iPad 2 was my first Apple device, and iOS 5 my first iOS. I immediately fell it love with the device, and from then onward I was an Apple fan. May it Rest In Peace.

Blasts from the Past: Classic Mac Apps

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Crystal Quest still rocks!

Dr. Mac says today’s column is a blast from the past dedicated to Mac users who still remember Macintosh System 6, MacPaint, Crystal Quest, and other golden age Mac apps—whether fondly or not. He adds that even shorter-time Mac users will find it interesting and amusing. So you have no excuse not to read it!