Physical Music Purchases Surpass iTunes Downloads

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Sales of physical music media, like CDs and vinyls, have surpassed the number of people downloading music from iTunes. Which makes sense because everyone else has moved on to streaming music, which accounted for 75% of revenue last year for the recording industry.

Downloads represented just 11 percent of US labels’ revenue last year, a music industry trade group said Thursday. Physical sales — the term for music formats you can actually hold, which are mostly CDs and vinyl at this point — booked 12 percent.

New Sony Wireless Vinyl Player Unveiled

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I love vinyl records and continue to collect them, even the in the age of Apple Music and Spotify. Sony announced a new wireless turntable at CES 2019 and, basically, I want it. It is called the LX310BT and integrates with any wireless speaker, soundbar or set of headphones via Bluetooth. The turntable has three gain settings – low, mid, and high so listeners can match the audio level of a record. It also contains a built-in phono pre-amp for use with amplifiers that only offer an in-line connection. In addition, it has a USB connector, which means you can transfer vinyl records into digital form. The turntable will be released in spring 2019 and cost $199.

New Sony Wireless Vinyl Player Unveiled