Walt Mossberg Looks Back on a Decade of Tim Cook

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Apple journalist Walt Mossberg looks back at the past decade of Apple and how it fares under the leadership of Tim Cook.

Apple remains what it has been for many years: the single most important consumer tech hardware company, a major force not only in its industry but in society at large. And now, it is huge and rich to boot. But it’s still unclear if it can be anybody’s favorite music provider, TV network, or news service.

Or if it can launch another blockbuster device.

A Brief Salute to Retiring Walt Mossberg

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Walt Mossberg announced Friday that he will retire in June. Mr. Mossberg came to fame in the 1990s as tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal. He consistently dinged Apple until shortly after the return of Steve Jobs. His career rose sharply as tech exploded and became an ever-more important part of modern society. He was one of the few journalists blessed by Steve Jobs, and was often given advanced access to Apple’s leadership and products. He and journalist partner Kara Swisher also got Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and other Apple execs on stage for the AllThingsD conference, as shown in the image below, and later at Re/code’s Code conference. I didn’t always agree with Mr. Mossberg, but he contributed greatly to our understanding of what the tech world was up to. Accordingly, salute, Mr. Mossberg, and enjoy your well-earned retirement!

A Brief Salute to Retiring Walt Mossberg